The Team

Will Dwyer

Will has been navigating his way through comedy since 2009 and every once in a while it shows. He got his start writing comedy in college before moving to Austin for more opportunities. After bombing for 5 years he decided Los Angeles was finally ready for his 'brand'. He regularly performs improv, sketch, and stand-up in the Los Angeles area. You can see him burn off joke concepts on Twitter @firstwillever or find out whatever project he is currently obsessed with. Will wants to be a TV writer and people love hearing him talk about it. 

Kara King

Kara King is a Los Angeles-based improviser with credits from such Austin troupes as Lady Parts, Taco Skabana, and Basketball Dog. With almost two years of performances at ColdTowne Theater behind her, she was honored with a nomination for ‘Most Improved Player’ at the annual ColdTownie Awards. She did not win.

AJ McKeon

AJ McKeon is an actor / improviser based in Austin. Originally from New York, AJ is a graduate of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater (UCB) training program and has performed all over New York City with his indie team First Crush, including participating in the 2015 17th Annual Del Close Improv Marathon. AJ can be seen performing throughout Austin to himself or hosting The Just For Tonight Show the last Saturday of every month at Coldtowne. AJ would like to thank former NBA journeyman Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje for being a tremendous inspiration to us all. 

Most important to us, AJ is the host of the first 9 episodes of Casting Session. A legend now and forever.


Johnny Sullivan

Johnny is an improviser and photographer living in Austin. He performed at ColdTowne Theater with Stroller Blades and is the co-creater and producer of Hyde Park Folk, a local backyard concert series. Johnny was the audio engineer, producer, and photographer on the podcast for the first nine episodes. He can be seen performing around Austin with his improv troupe Toboggan. Johnny enjoys warm sweaters, artificial intelligence, and a good crisp apple.