Show Me On The Doll with Lauren Knutti


It's the one, the only, Lauren Knutti on this week's Casting Session showing off her podcast "Show Me On The Doll". We discuss insecurity and sex and learn a little bit about the woman behind the mask. 

If you like this episode head on over to Amazon Prime and check out Segs, a show created by this week's guest Lauren Knutti

Reverse Big with Michael Skarsten


A wild character appears in the form of Michael Skarsten. A decade long coma would be traumatic for some, but for him it was the perfect fuel for a podcast. Is his Reverse Big podcast everything it seems or is there darkness behind those eyes? Find out this week on Casting Session!

WTF with Will Dwyer

Marc gets the biggest guest he has ever had, but is he ready for the harsh truth coming his way. Find out now. 


CastGiving Extravaganza

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

It's the most wonderful time of the year, Thanksgiving, and the Casting Session crew sat down with some of their biggest fans for dinner. Dylan McGrath and Michael Skarsten give us insights on love, life, and the pursuit of turkey.

It's a one off special episode of Casting Session that's great on Thanksgiving, but still pretty good any other day of the week!

Mime Time with Ella Gale


I've heard of the need for speed, but the TIME for MIME?!? Well that's what we've got for you this week as we dive deep into Mime Time, a mime based podcast from Ella Gale.

If you think there is no way that the podcast involves just listening to the sound of mimes performing then I've got quite a surprise for you. 

Along the way we find out what Will fears most, a history lesson on the French connection to mimery, and some mimes make their way into the studio for an impromptu interview.

Hollyween Forever with Ian Townsend, Elizabeth Schantz, and Addison Billingsley


*witches cackle* Welcome to a very special Halloween episode of Casting Session featuring the most terrifying occurrence we could possibly imagine, a missing host. That’s right, scheduling problems left Will alone and as he does every year of his life, he visited the Hollywood Forever cemetery to try and experience some spooks and frights on these Hollywood nights.

Along the way Will runs into Elizabeth Schantz to discuss religion, Ian Townsend to discuss burial methods, and Addison Billingsley to discuss surrogates. By the end of the night the gang of ghouls and ghosties finds themselves in a simpler time and a much more peaceful political climate. That’s right we get political, I told you it would be SCARY.

Anxie-Me with Aly Dixon


STOP THE PRESSES! We had standup multi-hyphenate Aly Dixon on for one of our funniest (and loosest) episodes to date!

Fun fact, Aly is a very anxious person and its FUN! 

This episode is for stone cold chillers that want to sit in as 3 comedians talk about their own interests including, but not limited to: horrible hospital stories, horrible concert stories, really great masturbation opinions, and horrible dating stories. Check out episode 17 now OK bye bye!

The Jazz Man with Justin Otis


Move over Billy Crystal, we've got a real jazz singer in the studio today. Tiffy (Justin Otis) has lived a long life of music, love, death, and brewed tea...so much tea. 

One of Kara's classic beefs makes an appearance in the form of a sponsorship deal and Will gives scatting a try. All this and more on this weeks episode of Casting Session. 

Vampire with an Interview featuring Brian Rubinow


BLEH! A seemingly innocent consulting session falls apart when Kara and Will discover a vampire in their midst and its their guest!

Vampire discrimination, invitation protocol, and pick up artist emails make this weeks episode a must listen. 

Stick around till the end to see if our hosts make it out alive.

Absolute Meltdown


Well it finally happened. Will messed something up and lost an entire episode. As punishment for his sins he's been tasked with putting together a special one off episode just for the fans. 

It's just Will and Sebastian in the studio this week. He answers some questions, gets his feelings hurt by internet warriors, and he just might step into a world of riches. Also we get our first edition of Sebastian's Joke Depot. 

All this and more on this week's episode of Casting Session. Back to our regular improv programming next week. 

Whats Up Dog? with Elizabeth Schantz


Our first non-human guest and her owner Elizabeth Schantz join the Casting Session for a breakdown of their show 'Whats Up Dog?'

Some people said it would be impossible for a grown woman to cohost a successful podcast with her dog and frankly we would agree, but Kara and Will accept any challenge. 

A debate is settled, nicknames are offered, and Will's childhood is explored in this week's episode of Casting Session. 

The Dick-Schnoz Conspiracy with Michael Goldenberg


CHAOS REIGNS in this weeks Casting Session as Michael Goldenberg, AKA Delisario presents a thrilling conspiracy affecting a small town. 

What started out as a seemingly innocent prank spirals out of control. Does Kara figure out who pranked Michael? Does Michael ever find peace? Does Will go insane trying to keep this show on track?

Find out all this and more on this week's 'sode. 

The Glammer of Grammar with Addison Billingsley


FREEZE! It's the Grammar police on this week's episode of Casting Session. Kelsey Smith (Addison Billingsley) gets some advice on his podcast 'The Glammer of Grammar' a grammar correction podcast for the ages. 

Despite having the PERFECT american accent, the hosts begin to notice something off about their intrepid guest. Will they be able to win a single argument against their guest? Did Kelsey murder someone? Does Kevin James look hotter in The Zookeeper or Here Comes the Boom? 

Find out the answers to all these and more on this weeks Casting Session. 

Crying Fowl with Will Witwer and Ben Klibaner


Hollywood BABY! We officially begin our Los Angeles journey with new host Kara King. Speaking of Kings, we have on the kings of birdwatching themselves Birdman Ben and good old Van Winkler.

In only an hour we learn of a love triangle that strains reality, the failings of the film Birdman, and an Animorphs level transformation for at least one of our hosts. 

What they did RIGHT! with Jared Robertson and Frank Netscher

jared frank 4.jpg

We've got some VERY good boys in the studio this week. Improvisers and lovable lads, Jared Robertson and Frank Netscher, join the Casting Session with their podcast, What They Did Right!

It may seem like Gerald and Taub are just two old fuddy duddies from Michigan, but they've got a few tricks up their sleeve if you know what I mean. 

Listen in to learn about movies, magic, and the difficulties of doing live production on a podcast in this weeks episode of Casting Session.

Soup 2 Nutz with Will Cleveland and Chris McKeever

will and chris 2.jpg

The soup is in the studio with these nutty professors! Don't understand my vernacular, I'm saying that Chris McKeever and Will Cleveland joined the Casting Session to get some help with their soup review podcast. 

Once again we find out one of our guests has trouble finding love, the guys go over their pre-show rituals, and we learn a lot about soup etiquette.

H2 Oh Baby! with Lilli Lopez and Ryan Darbonne

ryan lilli 5.jpg

Oh BABY do we have a good one this week. Gladys Porter and Evan Smith join the hosts to get help for their tap water review podcast, H2 Oh Baby!

The hosts detail their extensive pre-show ritual, some feelings about wealth and power, and some strange obsessions. Will we ever find out what their podcast is actually about? Can Will escape poverty? Is AJ secretly an heir to a transportation fortune?

Sides are taken and the ruling class will flex their power in this weeks episode of Casting Session.

Quakes and Stuff with Johnny Sullivan and Katie Doran


Katie Ellin Doran and Johnny Sullivan join the crew for a Casting Session about their podcast Quakes and Stuff! These adventerous souls from down under (New Zealand) teach us about the often confusing system of emergency protocols in their native land. 

It's earthquakes, buttwipes, and scavenging on this weeks episode of Casting Session!

The Home Chef with Bryan 'Lubu' Roberts


Frederick Fud joins the Casting Session to discuss his home cooking podcast with AJ and Will. Despite a straightforward concept, the hosts can't quite get over all the issues with Frederick's past. 

A dark family name, swindling salesmen, and porn pitches galore on this weeks Casting Session!

Daddy Issues with Jericho Thorp

jericho 4.jpg

Jericho Thorp joins the Casting Session crew for help saving his daddy dom advice podcast, 'Daddy Issues'. 

The guys throw some serious curveballs at Jericho and we learn just how deeply embedded AJ is with Chicago politics in this weeks episode of Casting Session.